• Mission Statement

    In the year 2013.

    Gaming evolved at an uncontrollable pace.

    Undistinguishable noobs flood the street and gaming businesses.

    The noobs are overwhelmed by violent, ignorance, and disregard for gaming organizations.

    The amount of noobs outnumber us throughout the gaming universe.

    The veteran gamers enlist the help of a team known only as Spectral Gaming.

    Spectral Gaming forces are to eradicate all noobs across the globe.

    No matter what game, which platform we will come for you.

    If your a noob, and you happen to stumble across Spectral Gaming, just maybe you're lucky enough to survive.

    You might find yourself to be apart of Spectral Gaming.

    Remember resistance is futile don't try to avoid the inevitable cause we are SpG.

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    Field Marshal - General - Colonel - Major - Commander - Captain - Lieutenant - Warrant Officer - Sergeant - Corporal - Specialist - Private - Recruit - Civilian - Retired - Banned
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